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Ever seen or heard something out of order happen at the pub or club? Heard a friend make a dodgy comment but don’t know how to say something? Your voice can empower others to say something, too. Together, let’s put an end sexual harassment and the attitudes that cause it.

It’s #SafeToSay something to help stop sexual harassment.



Sexual harassment is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which can make someone feel intimidated, degraded or humiliated. It can take different forms but it is always unacceptable.


Making jokes or sexual remarks either directly to someone or about them with the intention of saying or doing something to them.


Touching or grabbing someone, including purposefully brushing up against them.


Sending messages, images or videos to someone or staring at someone to the point where they feel uncomfortable.


We can all make a difference, whether that’s by checking our own attitudes and behaviour, or saying something if we notice a friend behaving inappropriately.

Your voice matters, it can help empower others

So, if your mate is crossing the line, it’s always worth checking in. If it doesn’t feel possible to challenge them at the time, having a one-on-one conversation later can be just as important.

If you don’t feel able to say something directly, don’t laugh along with harmful comments. Try sharing another perspective which shows that not everyone agrees.

Together, we can help stop sexual harassment

If you ignore harassment, what message does this send the harasser, their victim and those around you? It’s likely you aren’t the only one who thinks it’s wrong, so saying something may give others the power to speak up too.

We all need to think about our own words, ideas and actions. The impact on others is more important than your intentions. If someone feels uncomfortable because of things you say or do, it’s up to you to stop, think, and change, even if you didn’t mean to cause harm.

It's important to speak up against sexual harassment

The more you use your voice against sexual harassment, the easier it will become and the more you will empower others to do the same.

Start small, just a shift in conversation can be enough to stop it.

Remember to only help in ways that are safe for you and everyone involved.


Each of us will have different levels of confidence and comfort when it comes to challenging harassment, and it’s important that we only help in ways that are safe for ourselves and everyone involved. We all have a role to play.

When to step in

If you notice your friend saying something that doesn’t sit right, it’s okay to say something.

REMEMBER: Avoid words or actions that could make it more dangerous for you or the person being targeted. If you see someone in immediate danger of physical or sexual violence, dial 999.

Educate and inform

If you witness your friends talking about someone in an inappropriate way, offer a different viewpoint. Try: naming the problem, the impact it’s having, and what you think they could change. Example: Stop, they aren’t interested. You’re making them and me feel uncomfortable. Why not just leave it for now, you need to respect their choice.

Conversate to deviate

In some situations, saying nothing can be just as powerful as saying something. If your mate makes a sexist joke, don’t laugh along. If they start talking inappropriately about something, change the conversation whilst letting them know what they have said isn’t okay. Example: Not really interested in that. Did you see … [move the conversation on to a different topic]

Safely expose it

If you directly challenge your friend in front of the person they are harassing, remember to use a calm voice and neutral body language. When speaking, keep it short and clear. Examples: “That’s not okay.” “That’s enough.” “That’s not funny.” Remember, this is not a debate and acting aggressively will make a situation more dangerous. Let the person targeted by the harasser take the lead on next steps, and respect their choices.



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